J.A. Ackley News

Update: J.A. Ackley to Self-Publish

While negotiations for a new home for J.A. Ackley’s award-winning journalism continue, Ackley will resume delivering stories that dig deep beneath the surface via his website, JAAckley.com. There you can expect him to not only author hard-hitting articles and photograph the world from his unique perspective, but also experiment with new mediums and subjects.

More details to come…

What’s Next…

Since last week’s news, I’ve been asked this question quite a bit: What’s next?

Magic 8-Ball Answer: Reply hazy, try again.

I still love telling stories, through words and images, that dig deep beneath the surface, providing an audience with an enjoyable experience, leaving them with a deeper understanding of a subject.

I still love motorsports. My trip to Watkins Glen as a fan confirmed that. There’s no better way to show one’s mettle than with a race car.

The who, what, when, and where to how I combine those two elements into something viable, and to what degree, is the hazy part.

I’ve had preliminary talks with several outlets. Many more conversations to come. It may take some time to sort through everything, but I hear patience is a virtue. Stay tuned.

Thank You

Wow! Thank you for all the kind words to my post yesterday. My phone was off the hook with social media responses, messages, texts, and calls. When you’re at the daily grind day after day, it’s easy to forget the impact you have on others.

In that same vein, I offer the following challenge.

Please do one kind thing for someone at your next available opportunity. It may not mean much for you, but it could mean the world for that recipient. Just imagine what kind of place our planet could be if everyone did that.

Thank you once again. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for everyone who reached out to me.