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Vol Race Bus Takes Knoxvile Race Fans to America’s Biggest Events

The new service from the well-traveled motorsports journalist J.A. Ackley and Spirited Boldness, Inc. makes the journey as enjoyable as the races.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 4, 2020 — Vol Race Bus aims to turn the arduous task of traveling to some of America’s biggest race events into an enjoyable experience.

The new service from the well-traveled motorsports journalist J.A. Ackley and Spirited Boldness, Inc. applies Ackley’s wealth of experience on the road to create packages that takes out the stress of traveling for race fans. Each package includes travel on a family-friendly, ultra-comfortable touring coach; top-rated accommodations; and great tickets.

“The journey will be just as fun as the event,” said Ackley. “You’ll enjoy your time from the moment you step onto the coach to the moment when you return home.”

Vol Race Bus plans to announce its first packages in coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have requests for races, please email them to volracebus@gmail.com.

For more information, visit www.volracebus.com, with a full website to come soon.

ICYMI: Two New Outlets to Find J.A.’s Work

J.A. Ackley plans to contribute to two new outlets—OneDirt.com and Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Magazine.

At OneDirt.com, Ackley returned to the medium where he first started nearly two decades ago. There he will once again cover the dirt racing scene, where he has become well known for his ability to dig deeper than the surface of the day’s hot topics. In addition, Ackley will occasionally contribute to other sites of the Power Automedia network as well.

At PRI, Ackley combines his business and journalism backgrounds to contribute to the title dubbed “The Voice of the Racing Marketplace.” His work will be featured in the monthly magazine that’s read by thousands of racing insiders.

Update: J.A. Ackley to Self-Publish

While negotiations for a new home for J.A. Ackley’s award-winning journalism continue, Ackley will resume delivering stories that dig deep beneath the surface via his website, JAAckley.com. There you can expect him to not only author hard-hitting articles and photograph the world from his unique perspective, but also experiment with new mediums and subjects.

More details to come…